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Welcome to the THAWsoftware bug tracker! 2004-10-26 03:44 user3 Announcement

Use the projects menu in the top right to select a project, or use the default “all projects” selection. Go to View Issues to read the bug list of the selected project.

If you found a problem in a project, please take the time to search the bug list of that project first; maybe someone else did already report the same problem. After you've searched the bug list to no avail, please go ahead to Report Issue to add the bug to the list.

Return to the THAWsoftware home page at after you're done.

Bugtracker Software Updated 2019-04-26 17:47 user2

We've upgraded to Mantis 1.3. Please notify the admin in case of problems.

Bugtracker Software Updated 2010-03-12 01:37 user2

We've upgraded to Mantis 1.2. Please notify the admin if something got lost during the switch-over.

Bugtracker Software Updated 2008-11-08 15:51 user2

We've finally upgraded to Mantis 1.1 and got rid of all that bugnote spam. Please notify the admin if something didn't make it into the new installation.

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